When Julia Danced Bomba

Young Julia struggles with the steps to the Afro-Latino dance known as bomba, but when she quits trying so hard, listens and feels the beat of the drums, she's able to relax, enjoy herself and do the steps perfectly!


Just One Itsy Bitsy Little Bite

"I love pan de muerto," Joaqun says as he and his mother sit down to eat the special Mexican sweet bread prepared especially for the Day of the Dead. But someone knocks at the door just as they are about to take the first bite of the pastry.

Standing at the door is a hungry skeleton dressed in a mariachi suit who offers to sing Joaqun and his mother a song in exchange for just one itsy bitsy little bite of the sweet bread. It seems like a fair exchange, so they agree to share. But before the skeleton can begin singing, two more knock at the door and offer to play their accordions for just one bite of the bread. And then, three show up and want to play their guitars, four want to play their maracas and five want to dance"€"all for just one itsy bitsy little bite of the Mexican sweet bread!

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Ilustraciones educativas

Educational Illustrations

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Rebozos de colores

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El collar perdido

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El sol perdido

—¿Dónde está el Sol, abuelo Fuego?—

—¿Dónde puedo encontrarlo hermano Luna?—

—Dime madre Tierra ¿Dónde está tu hijo perdido?—


El mundo ha vivido sin sol y Citlalli una niña chamana se embarca en la búsqueda de él con la ayuda de los dioses.


Texto e ilustraciones por Flor de Vita Amaro Zilli


—Where is the Sun, Grandfather Fire?—

—Where can I find him, brother Moon?—

—Tell me Mother Earth, Where is your lost son?—


The world has been living without the Sun and Citlalli a shaman girl, embarks in his search with the help of the gods.

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Las hermanas Calabozo

y el cachorro humano


Ix Chel

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